Hi, hi, hi!!!

It's me - Larisa!

I'm fine and everything is allright! These days i did a lot of fashion shows.. I put this picture - from Kookai fashion show, coz i think collection is really cool and beautiful!!! Also it's a big brand, but clothes are not expensive.

Today is my holliday and it's raining... Well, anyway i went for i movie - 'The Reader".. I'm still so shock and can't stop thinking about this story. I like "The Reader" so so much!!! There are great acting, music, light, everything! So hope everyone will have a chance to see it!

Well, i hope eveyone is fine! Take care and take your time..

Warm hug.


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  • yuhao
  • loving u... always love also Take care yourself!
  • writter01
  • Oh~everyone is busy for work.
    You're so luck!!
    If possible, I'll also want to taking some free time for life.
  • kapewddo
  • realy love you Larisa!I hope can with you enjoy life!
  • Vick
  • ты супер!!!
    ты красивая дiвчина
  • HolyB
  • Wow you are so beautiful! Regards from England x