Hi, hi, hi!!!!

It's me - Larisa...

How are you, guys? I heard there is a lot of people got sick coz of weather, so, pls, be careful!

I'm fine!!! I want to say big thanks for everyone, who supporting me, coz it's really very important for me.

Also i hope, you guys, will remeber to have a look on my wretch blog: www.wretch.cc/blog/reishacem, and to remember to support me in FHM voting!!!!!!!

I put some new pictures

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  • shaouva@hotmai.com
  • Thanks for your update !

    I didn't get sick as the weather is warm here in France ^^ Take good care of you too.

    You can't put music on pixnet ? I felt proud when I heard french songs on your blog ^^

    ♫Les Rois du Monde ♪ Font tout ce qu'ils veulent♫
    Did you play that Romeo & Juliet song, because you've found your Romeo ? ;)

    You're pretty has always
  • writter01
  • I got the new blog web.
    Later I'll always take some time to view your new blog.
    Best Regards!!
  • kapewddo
  • Oh!thanks god!Larisa is fine!no got sick!cos I very care Larisa I hope Larisa all can be good!
    Larisa I love you!